Thursday, December 19, 2013

Tis the season

It's been about 4 years since I've really had the Christmas spirit.  It will be 4 years ago this January, the 5th, that my dad passed away after a long period of various health issues.  In the time following his death, I got divorced, went back to school taking pre-reqs for the nursing program, got accepted into the nursing program, dove into the depths of online dating, started a new job as a unit tech at the hospital, & failed a rotation of nursing school. 

Divorce - Old news, really not even worth wasting my time on any of the story.  I'm so much better off & far happier than I had been the last few years of my marriage!

School - A hellish nightmare doesn't even begin to cover nursing school!  There's stress & then there's nursing school.  Where every answer is technically correct but you need to get the most correct answer.  It's a life constantly hanging by a thread.  It completely sucked giant hairy monkey balls that I failed a rotation.  Which means that I'm currently out of the program but can reapply & start fresh next fall.  I have one chance to pass next year.  Nursing school will not defeat me, even though it will do its damnedest I will come out with my RN the spring of 2015.

Hospital - I really enjoy my job as a unit tech (CNA, nurses aid, etc...).  That being said I will be very happy to finally be an RN & having the nursing responsibilities.  But by working as a CNA I will have a much better appreciation for the work & help they provide me as a nurse!

Online Dating - Oh my lord!!  Some good, some bad, some just plain creepy.  I think the whole idea of online dating needs to be taken with a block of salt.  With that being said the few guys that I meet the "old fashioned way" ie. at the bar were no prize either!  There will be stories... of that you can be sure!

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