Sunday, February 22, 2015

We have the booty

Excerpt from Fluke by Christopher Moore
"This is why we are the dominant species on the planet, because we have booty."
"Technically, man is not the dominant species.... So man isn't really dominant, whether it's brains or booty."
"Baby, I wasn't saying that man was the dominant species, I was saying that we are the dominant species. Wo-man."
"Because you have booty?"
She wiggled on his lap by way of an answer, then leaned her forehead against his, looked in his eyes.
"Good point," Clay said.
There will always be a debate between the sexes about who really rules the roost, so to say.  Men will claim men do, while without a doubt women will say that they do.  There are those who will side with the other sex saying that "My wife runs this family" or "My husband is the head of our house".  I'm sure all are true & correct.

Personally, I think that a sense of balance is best.  There's nothing better, in my opinion, than a man who would do any & everything for his woman, & a woman who wouldn't think of taking advantage of that fact.  A couple who wants the best for the other & does what they can do to support the other.  Who dream, plan, & wish together for the best life for them as a couple & as individuals.

At the risk of sounding like an O'Henry story {Link} - I hope to have that relationship.  I want to know that I'm #1 to somebody, that they would give anything for me - for what I wanted, what I needed.  That they would be willing to give to me just as much as I would for them.  Not just monetary, that's not where the heart resides - at least not for me.  I want time, touch, & positive loving words.  If you will give me your all, I will wholeheartedly return it & more to you.

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