Friday, March 20, 2015

1st Day of Spring

I seem to be "ruled" by moods.  If the mood hits for something - from what music to listen to, to cleaning the house I usually find myself following where it leads.  On the other side of this coin though is if I'm just not "feeling it" it's difficult to get me to do it.

This morning after getting put on call I got the hair to sort, pitch &/or donate.  Honestly, I just wanted to throw away whatever it was that I came across that I no longer wanted or needed.  Then the thought comes that I could probably sell some of these items & make some money.  But, come on, realistically - would I take the time to post the items for sale, arrange pick up, (most likely negotiate price, given people's love for an extra deal), & then wait around for someone to pick them up - probably not.  So the donate pile is a little bit bigger than it could be.  

Ok - So I'm not going to spend my time making money on my unwanted stuff.  The next thought that seems to hold me up at times is that I wonder what to do with stuff that has some sentimental connection.  Not always a sentimental meaning but stuff that I can remember was a gift from someone.  If I get ride of "item x" that was a gift from family will they think I didn't appreciate it?  That I didn't like it?  Chances are they probably won't know, or care if I no longer need or use it & decide to pass it along to someone who might.  But these are the thoughts that go through my head at moments like that.  Don't even get me started on things that really have sentimental value & meaning to me.

When the clean, pitch &/or donate mood hits it seems to be of the ADD cleaning variety.  The kind where you spend 6 hours doing but at the end it seems like you didn't really do that much.  That's because I go from room to room, project to project & in the end, while there really has been progress it doesn't always show as well as one spotless room.  Although I do have to say today there was a pretty good dent made in the porch.  There's still cleaning - vacuuming, dusting, & the like - that needs to be done.  But there's the promise of being able to use the porch this summer as just that, the porch.

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